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Author: Motorbike Milly

All’s quiet the week before Christmas

One week until Christmas and still no snow in Glasgow!!!! it just isn’t Christmas without snow so we’ve decided to take a trip away overnight to get into that festive mood. Plus,,, can’t have Paul’s 1st Christmas arrive without him seeing some snow! looking forwards to seeing his reaction. I’ll share more next week once …

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Quiet times

Well here we are sitting twiddling my thumbs absolutely bored out of my mind without the motorbike. it feels like I’ve lost a limb. Maybe I could sell a kidney and get back on the road! lol. It’s not all bad, I’ve been taking the opportunity to dust off the cobwebs from the old cycle …

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As we all know winter come with it own set of issue’s if you choice to ride through it. Definitely need to stay on top of keeping that nasty road salt at bay for starters!!! I have to admit i hate washing my bike but needs must and all that! Giving it a rinse down …

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Positive day

Managed to take the street triple over to our mechanic . So glad it’s getting repaired! I already miss it. Started Milly’s recall training from the start again after seeking the advice from a trusted dog trainer Alan . It’s very very early stages but I’ll be recording the process and adding videos for our …

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Lazy day Squirrels hunting

Today was a quiet day. We never went any motorcycle rides at all. 😢 We did go to “TCB Photography uk” in Clydebank for some family photos of my dad and my two human brother’s. Strange though, I wasn’t in any of them! I’m not used to that! Just as well dad brought treats for …

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Erskine Community Garden

Erskine Community garden We were so chuffed to be invited along as special guests to a Pawsome Pooch Garden party to help highlight the dangers of broken glass to paws.If you think your dog has glass in their paw you can try this;Clean the wound.Look for debris or foreign objects such as glass or metal …

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