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Quiet times

Well here we are sitting twiddling my thumbs absolutely bored out of my mind without the motorbike. it feels like I’ve lost a limb. Maybe I could sell a kidney and get back on the road! lol.

It’s not all bad, I’ve been taking the opportunity to dust off the cobwebs from the old cycle and get out and exercise! (well,,,,,, get out at least!). I’ve been sent a carrier for Milly called the “Buddyrider” that connects to any cycle. I had know idea that there was such an amazing invention out there!! this carrier is a must for anyone who wants to bring their small dog along with them. it’s so well balanced that it doesn’t interfere with your cycling or steering at all. If you check back 2 or 3 year on previous Facebook posts I remember posting a picture with Milly in a basket connected to the front of the mountain bike. I was hoping it would have been an option back then but it quickly became apparent that it interfered with the handling and felt quite dangerous so I stopped using it. I’m so glad I’ve been sent a Buddyrider to use! If it’s something you think you would like then contact

click here to see us in action enjoying the Buddyrider

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