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As we all know winter come with it own set of issue’s if you choice to ride through it. Definitely need to stay on top of keeping that nasty road salt at bay for starters!!! I have to admit i hate washing my bike but needs must and all that! Giving it a rinse down with some cold water after your ride will help ride your bike of most of that road salt. try and give it a rinse away from where you store it (you don’t want to be skating on ice when you go to use it again!). A must is to coat in an anti-rust agent like ACF50, get it on every wire connection, all key holes and every bit of exposed metal (except brakes!! but you didn’t need me to tell you that!), it’ll help keep your machine in tip top condition. Another thing to keep checking regularly is the tyre pressure as it will drop with the temprature.

Unfortunetly for us we’ll be off the road for most of the winter due to mechanical issues. Unfortunatly the old faithful BMW RT1200 continues to cut out on us and at this time of year I just can’t afford to have it looked at never mind have it repaired. Sadly we’ve had to contact the care facilities that we regularly visit and cancel all future visits until further notice.

I still have use of the “Triumph street triple” and attempted to keep an appointment for a Christmas fare at a local school deigned for children with additional needs. I was really looking forward to seeing Milly bring some smiles but unfortunately on that morning the ice done its damage and prevented me from getting that bike started. (new battery ordered!). I was sad to let the school down but unfortunatly it wa out with my control. once i get the triple back on the road it will only be used for short personal trips as its freezing out there!! (definitely need to invest in heated grips for it!)

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